Thursday, 12 March 2009

forward thinking

on account of my recent realization that i have NO IDEA what i'm going to do career-wise when i get home, i have decided to use this illustrious blog as a discussion for things that you, dear reader, think i would be good at. mind you, this is not meant as a joke. i am genuinely concerned for my mental well-being as this tour draws to a close, and not just for military reasons, but things on the civilian side as well.

i have had many jobs and experiences in my life so far, but none have really jumped out at me as something i could see myself doing for more than a year. my criteria are the following:

- it must be something that deals with people. either the people or the environment must change relatively frequently, but hopefully not both.

- it must challenge me at least a little so that i dont slack off and sit on gmail all day. also, it must not be too strict and mentally draining so that i can sit on gmail for at least part of the day.

- i would prefer something outdoors. office life isn't much fun.

- it has to pay at least decently well so that i can afford things such as 1) rent 2) car insurance 3) my cell phone bill 4) at least enough to cover the cost of 1 bottle of ketel one per week 5) my betty ford clinic dues after a few months of #4, 6) dog food for my as-of-yet unadopted canine companion and 7) food.

- the job cannot involve kids or old people. additionally, i would enjoy said job more if the people with whom i worked were all athletically inclined guys around my age so that i could join a local team with them, or attractive girls 4 years younger than i.

- a relaxed attire policy. i need a place of employment that understands the importance of cut-off jeans and sleeveless shirts as much as i do.

- four or more months of paid vacation per year, with an additional allotment of days that you 'just dont feel like getting out of bed.'

- the ability to play world of warcraft at work.

- a private jet.

if you can figure out something that might appeal to me, please let me know. other than those general requirements, i'm not too picky.

oh by the way, Lauren Hilger.


  1. You could try out land surveying. Low enterance requirements, you're outside about 75% of the time, office work 25%, you travel a lot, but only around whatever local office you're stationed in. A bit of physical work, a bit of math, a bit of technical skills, you can wear anything you want for the most part, you can't work in the rain, and (at least where I'm at) it pays really well.

  2. Med device rep. It pays well and they hire heavily out of the military.