Saturday, 28 March 2009

lazy sunday

having a blog is not easy. not only do people constantly pester me with blog suggestions ("write about how handsome you are!" "talk about your modesty!" etc) but they also expect name drops (karen, hilger, erin, rana, doris, comer, everyone else). this pressure, combined with my rigorous daily schedule of waking up when i want and sometimes napping and getting food, really stifles my creative process. clearly this is too much for my brain to handle, as i am now writing blogs about blogging and forgetting to shower. this downward slide into what i am assuming is some form of dementia will soon result in a stroke, leaving my adoring masses salivating for their 'fix.'

considering all that happens in my daily life and all i have done in the past, you would think that finding inspiration for writing would come easily. i have been tempted to write about some of the new music that i have gotten, movies i have seen, and how handsome i am. none of these topics could carry an entire entry ("saw Rock N' Rolla today, and boy am i glad guy ritchie left madonna. the end.") so i am left to write about whatever comes to mind.

this is a horrible time of year for deployed soldiers. well-meaning people from all over the united states band together and send box after box of girl scout cookies overseas. since these sugary treats were a rarity at home, i decided during my tour in 2005 that i would eat every cookie that i could get my hands on. they came in by the truckload it seemed, and i had thin mint residue smeared from the corners of my mouth and caked onto my teeth. when all of the green boxes were gone, it was on to the peanut butter cookies. after about two weeks of horrible acid reflux i decided to never eat another girl scout cookie in my life.

i got my first box yesterday in the mail with a note promising many more boxes to come. i'm crying as i type this for fear that i will not be able to find suitable homes for the bounty that is on it's way to me. hopefully i can find some soldiers who want to gain enough weight to have their fingers turn into little sausages, but that is quite a stretch.


  1. Thanks for not name dropping me... assface.
    Love, Amber

  2. I got a guy here who you could mabye give them too...he works with me, Spc might know him, or seen him around. Real high speed guy, always wearing his gear...yea just talk to him