Monday, 30 March 2009

cramped quarters

living in what would make a tiny two-car garage with 7 other adults is, at times, quite harrowing. you get to know their habits, quirks, fears, and intricacies. if you look closely, you can see them at their most vulnerable and open. this makes for close friendships, burning hatred, and fun writing.

8 people on 3 different schedules. 5 different musical tastes. 3 different languages. 8 different heritages. 3 different ranks. ages ranging from 22 to 29. 10 months together. and only one blog. that means that whatever i say about these people is what goes. there is honestly no need to slander these fine soldiers, but a slight embellishment of the truth may be in order.

i have spent the last 10 months in the top bunk, which is fine by me. my bunkmate is very easy-going and we get along quite well. he is considerate and it is infrequent that he eats an entire box of my powerbars. we have a very similar sense of humor, and take comfort in how much he hates my music (except for kings of leon for whatever reason). i quote rap lyrics to him to show how much we have in common:

MA: 'i do my thing in the club with the burner tucked.'

LW: 'what the hell is wrong with you, whitey?'

the other two guys on my side of the room are quite interesting as well. one is a manic/narcoleptic Chilean and the other is a sociopathic eskimo. i'm not sure if he's actually an eskimo, but it sure sounds good. he was called up from inactive reserve to come on this deployment, and he has been an absolute joy to have around. he leaves cute messages on our door (see photo), and laughs like an oxygen-starved weasel. in case you can't read what the picture says, i woke up to find a cryptic warning: "In case of zombie infestation... i told you so, so run zombie food, run!" this pretty much sums up my favorite paranoid kansan. he's leaving soon, and i will miss him. how will i prepare for the end of the world if he's not here to warn me?

our chilean buddy was deployed with me in '05, and he hasnt lost his crazy edge. he claps loudly and randomly, usually without reason. he enjoys keeping perishables in our fridge for up to 5 weeks without explanation or reason, bringing them to a point closer to 'mulch' than 'ripe.' due to circumstances beyond his control, he slipped in the shower and broke his wrist, ending up sprawled out on the bathroom floor, naked in front of 5 guys. never a dull moment.

80% of the laughs i have had this deployment have come from these 3 guys, and i would love to buy them all a beer when we get back. something tells me they might not want to talk to me after this blog... we'll see!

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